New banners and new prices oh my!
Updates / January 13th, 2018 10:20 am
What does the headline mean? Well My Sunny Ads has gone through a few changes lately. The admin (myself...Stephanie) decided to add and change a few things at the site. Of was time to get rid of the old and let in the new at My Sunny Ads. Take a look at what has changed below.
New banners: Ads affiliate members you can use the new promotional banners to promote My Sunny Ads to others. Plus they are a little easier on the eyes
Membership upgrades: all pro and JV partner packages are now lifetime. That means that if you are a free member, you can upgrade to any of these packages and pay a one-time fee. No more monthly reoccurring billing. Upgrade at any time.
Advertising prices: No one should pay an arm a leg or a tooth for solo ads. Solo ads are $5. You get advertising that suites your budget. That's not too bad huh?
My Sunny Ads Blog: My Sunny Ads updates blog is also on the front page. Every time you log in you'll get updates on all My Sunny Ads business. So login and check out the changes. If you are not already a member of My Sunny Ads, please feel free to sign up.