A Blog Post in a solo ad?
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Blogging is a very popular way to communicate and promote services in this world. Being able to share knowledge of anything from cooking secrets to software tutorials is a great way to gain an audience. This audience is potential customers to your brand. But, can you showcase a snippet of your blog posts in a solo ad? Yes.  Let's look at a few ways how.
Well, if you are a web developer and need a new way to introduce your new software, you can introduce the software followed up by the tutorial. How? First, solo ad should have a summary of the benefit to the script. Then, a call to action that gets the customer to at least check out your script. The second solo ad should have a sort of introduction to how to use the software. That will at least show the customer you know how that script or software works and that you will give support if there are any issues they may have.
There are a few things involved here. One, you are showcasing a blog post about your script. Two, you are introducing the support aspect which is the tutorial. Three, you are showing purchase worthiness. Meaning the reader is a potential customer that will eventually purchase your product.
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